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October 11 2019


Florida Bar Complaint Against Attorney Craig W Young and CWY Legal

Don Juravin filed a Bar Complaint alleging being deceived and scammed

ATTORNEY CRAIG W YOUNG DECEIVED and SCAMMED ME During our lengthy discussion which ended with attorney Young taking my credit card info over the phone, I had discussed the legal issues with Bella Collina, BK, FTC, my lifelong devotion to servicing the public and my invention that saved thousands from surgery. 
CWY Legal

Apparently, after my review of him, attorney Craig Young unethically made contact with Randall F. Greene (a stalker from Bella Collina owned by Dwight Schar) and he shared privileged information with him about my legal strategy and other info.

Dishonest unethical behavior: the following online exhibit proves attorney Young acknowledged the complement of Randall Greene as a customer while dismissing a negative review from another customer as “not a customer which didn’t contact this firm”.


1.   Attorney Young is a single practitioner and has no employees.

2.   Attorney Young works from his old 760 sf 1 br 1 br apartment.

3.   Attorney Young has no real corporate office (separate from his bedroom).

4.   Attorney Young doesn’t have any office in a highrise building.

5.   His company is brand new, only 1 year, at the time of creating the site.

6.   Attorney Craig W Young is a failure in corporate or professional terms based on his 6 years as an attorney. He lacks profitable specialty and the amount of true billable hours at a standard rate.

7.   After 6 years, attorney Young is still heavily spending time chasing customers, offering “packages” and spending time networking.

8.   He had been admitted to the FL Bar only two years earlier to writing the site.

9.   Attorney Young is depicting an absolutely false sense of corporate success and position in the legal sector which can be described as a scam (trying to get more money from a customer with lies).

10.   Attorney Young wrote the content of the website himself and there is no “we”

11.   Attorney Young is mainly familiar with simple tax issues and all other “specialties” described on his site are issues he handled maybe once and probably as an assignment when he was employed. It seems to me that no one really hired him for any of these specialties on a repeated basis.


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